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The TransactRx Provider Network and the portal provide all the necessary tools for Medical Providers to submit claims and be reimbursed for drug products administered or dispensed in your facility that are covered under pharmacy benefits. Features

  • Easy online access to patient specific coverage

  • Ability to reimbursed for drug products covered under pharmacy benefits including Part D

  • Real-time out-of-pocket (copay) cost and reimbursement information

  • Electronic claims submission

  • Excellent support and administrative tools

TransactRx connects to pharmacy benefit managers and CMS in real time to determine if your patient is enrolled in a contracted plan. If enrolled, TransactRx provides you with the patient out-of-pocket cost and your reimbursement amount.

Enrollment is easy! Simply click below to get started. If you should need additional information please contact TransactRx at 866-522-3386.

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